Project Description

This honeycomb and honey bee sculpture hangs slightly raised from the surface of the wall, allowing light to pass through the “honey”. The honeycomb is 30 inches wide and is made from copper sheet metal and cast polyester resin. Each cell was formed individually, then welded together on the front and back edges to form one solid honeycomb structure. The honey bee is also created from copper sheet metal. The body segments are hollow, constructed of hammer formed and textured sheet metal halves, TIG welded together. The segments are held together by a rod which extends through the body and emerges as the stinger. The wings are cast polyester resin, and the legs are forged and filed from copper rod. The bee has a threaded rod attached to the underside of the thorax, which connects it to the honeycomb. The bee can be removed from the rest of the sculpture and disassembled if needed. The copper components of the sculpture are darkened with a┬áliver of sulfur patina and sealed with wax.

Honeybee Honeycomb Wall Sculpture

Copper and Resin Honeybee Wall Sculpture

metal honeybee honeycomb art sculpture

Handmade Metal Honeybee Sculpture

copper metal honey bee sculpture


metal honey bee sculpture