Metal Artist and Sculptor showcases handmade, one-of-a-kind metal art and sculpture by Jeremy Maronpot. Jeremy has been making art since he was very young and working with metal since 1995. His work is organic in style and he often looks to nature for inspiration and design lessons. Jeremy studied fine art and metalworking at East Carolina University and has worked in many studios of all sizes, on large and small scale projects. Jeremy works in Raleigh, North Carolina and is available for commissioned artwork, consultations, and exhibitions.

Skills and Specialties

Jeremy is a talented artist with an eye for detail and a focus on craftsmanship. Much of his work is an exploration of the malleability of metal, shaping the rigid material as if it was clay. Jeremy's excels at repousse and chasing, sheet metal forming, and forging. Most of his work is done with simple tools like torches and hammers, although Jeremy also enjoys modern tools like TIG welders and plasma cutters.

Available for Sale

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Copper Repousse Wall Art

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This abstract copper wall sculpture was formed from sheet metal using the techniques of repousse and chasing. The metal was slowly pushed into shape with repeated hammer blows and specially shaped punches. It's around 25 inches in diameter, and while the piece is very rigid and strong, it is thin and lightweight (about as thick as a nickel). The copper is darkened with a liver of sulfur patina and sealed with wax. You can check out the video slideshow below to see how it was made. The design was inspired by coral. I'm fascinated with patterns in nature, how individual repeated elements and structures that make up a uniform whole, all have their own distinct qualities if you zoom in and look. A hidden uniqueness within the seemingly identical.  

Copper Tortoise Sculpture

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This tortoise sculpture is made of hammer formed copper sheet metal and filled solid with concrete. It measures about 4 feet from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail, and weighs a couple hundred pounds. The copper panels were shaped by hand with traditional metalworking techniques like raising, sinking, repousse, and chasing. The components were TIG welded together and attached to an internal steel armature. The hollow sculpture was filled solid through an opening underneath. It's extremely sturdy and can hold up to abuses and indignities like climbing, jumping, or riding. The sculpture is darkened with a liver of sulfur patina and sealed with wax and oil. The video below shows how this copper turtle was made, step by step. copper metal tortoise sculpture outdoor   copper repousse tortoise sculpture outdoor   Jeremy Maronpot and turtle sculpture   [...]

Steel and Copper Coffee Table

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The frame of this sturdy coffee table is made from rolled steel bar and square steel stock. The layered circular shelves are filled with organic metalwork created from hammered and rusted steel rod, hammered copper panels, textured brass, glass, and distressed oak. A heavy 30 x 50 inch safety glass top rests on the four padded legs. At one point the table had a curved wooden side panel which was later removed. Coffee table made of steel, copper, brass, wood, glass art furniture - custom metal coffee table Artistic metal table in gallery with original wood panel leg Metal coffee table is studio

Formed and Welded Aluminum Shoe Sculpture Vase

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What started out as an exercise in forming and welding aluminum sheet metal became this unique...vase? I traced patterns from a real pair of shoes and formed them in metal. The sole is a thicker piece of aluminum plate, plasma cut and bent. The sock was also formed from sheet aluminum, hammered into shape and welded along the seam. The sock's texture and ripples were formed with the techniques of repousse and chasing. All the components were TIG welded together, and the inside was coated with a thick rubber. The laces are steel cables. Used as a vase, this peculiar sculpture is sure to put a spring in your step. formed aluminum sheet metal sculpture formed aluminum sheet metal sculpture formed aluminum sheet metal sculpture

Brass Trumpet Sculpture Vase

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A friend gave me an old brass trumpet. The valves were busted so it didn't play. I don't play trumpet anyhow, but I was interested in the metalwork, so I sawed it into many pieces. I created some of my own new parts, the bent elbow pieces that make the corners, and silver soldered everything back together into this new compact trumpet design. Still does not play.

Copper Lamp Shades


These 14 inch tall elegant copper pendant lamps are designed and sold exclusively by Chicago based design firm Lake + Wells. The glass is handmade and I hand hammer the copper components into shape using traditional metalsmithing techniques like raising and sinking. The metal shades rotate freely around the glass. They are often purchased in sets and are available for sale in a variety of finishes.   Hammered copper lamp shade Hammered copper lamp shade